by Gayle Picken

It’s still sinking in.

The Stay Home Stay Healthy order rolled in as we were still blurry-eyed watching the events of COVID-19 unfolding before us on tv and social media and online news sources. We’d accepted that schools were closed, and restaurants and bars closed, events canceled, and we couldn’t give hugs or handshakes for a while. But then news came that we had to stay home. And parks, trails and forests were off limits too. It’s almost like we’re spinning in a fog, starting to get it, and as soon as we accept and adapt to the new norm, another revelation causes our course to change yet again.

So, what does a travel blog publisher do? We founded the Day Trips in Washington project to inspire you to go out and explore all the cities and towns in our beautiful state. Now that mission is [temporarily] on hold as we pivot around this interesting dilemma. We’ve decided to go with the flow ….

For now, Day Trips in Washington will promote “Stay Trips” in Washington.

We’re grateful for our homes, plentiful food in our grocery stores that remain open, the supply trucks that deliver anything we need right to our doorsteps.

We’re grateful for technology that allows us to stay in touch. To connect with others through social media, even to have an entire family from different parts of the continent come together on our computer screens smiling and singing happy birthday.

While we watch doctors and nurses risk their lives helping to contain and fight this virus and our local businesses close their doors temporarily to face an uncertain future, we feel compelled to offer something to you, our loyal audience and to our communities across the state of Washington.

Now, more than ever, we are truly in this together. We implore you to Stay Home and Stay Healthy. Support your local businesses, restaurants, farmers, wineries, breweries and more so that they have some hope of being able to open again when this is over. And reach out to friends and family to make sure they are coping with the isolation and uncertainty.

Bringing the Adventure to You

For as long as we’re asked to Stay Home, our new goal will be to bring the adventure to you! Look for contests and quizzes, stories and slideshows, virtual tours and virtual tastings – all to be enjoyed from the comforts of your couch.

We hope to inspire you, to give you a little breather from stress, and to provide a glimmer of hope that when all of this is over, we’ll be stronger and healthier and ready to get out and explore.

Stay safe Washington. From our couch to yours …

Gayle Picken
Publisher, – 425-359-7974

ps – If you have ideas, suggestions, comments or you just want to talk to someone, please reach out.

Gayle Picken

Gayle Picken is a writer and video creator who loves yoga, hiking, kayaking, connecting with people and exploring the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. She founded Day Trips in Washington to inspire you to get out and go on adventures in all of the towns and cities across Washington state.