By Dara Wagner

There was a time when travel trailers were as spectacular – and over the top fun – as old Hollywood. Colorful, lively and full of surprises, these babies were as functional as they were head-turning, promising good times and a lifetime of memories. Thanks to an increasing number of trailer aficionados with tastes as varied as the trailers themselves, more and more of these beauties are rising from the dust of neglect to their former glory.

Vintage Travel Trailer photo by Dara Wagner
Photo by Dara Wagner

Vintage travel trailer shows are popping up all over the country. Some are stand-alone while others are part of a community fair or segment of local car shows. You can probably find one near you by simply searching the web for “vintage travel trailer shows” or checking out a national vintage trailer organization’s web site such as or

Inside a vintage trailer - photo by Dara Wagner

My favorite show in Western Washington is East Stanwood’s annual Vintage Trailer Show hosted by Starlight Vintage Emporium.

East Stanwood Vintage Trailer Show banner. Photo by Dara Wagner
Photo by Dara Wagner

Here you’ll see a wide variety of vintage trailers, most fully restored to their original condition and many with added touches totally unique to the owners often quirky personality. From big Airstreams to the original tiny teardrops to…

Tiny Teardrop trailer - Photo by Dara Wagner
Photo by Dara Wagner

…and colorful “Canned Hams” to super-early pop-ups, East Stanwood’s Vintage Trailer Show is not to be missed! Give yourself some extra time to enjoy all the small town of Stanwood has to offer. Unique shops in their quaint downtown, family owned restaurants and that wonderful, old-time atmosphere.

Pop Up vintage trailer photo by Dara Wagner

Dara Wagner

I’m an energy healer specializing in aligned growth and personal healing. These day trips, road trips and impromptu explorations started as a mindfulness practice, helping me move from skimming the surface of life to diving deeply into the joy and majesty that surrounds us all. While I certainly admire a beautiful vista, it’s the weirdly wonderful, the tiny details I almost miss, the abandoned and decrepitly beautiful that really turn me on. I travel with Regal the Wonder Dog and a variety of friends plus the firm belief that something fabulous is about to happen. For more information on my energy practice, contact Your Path Healing: