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By Renae James

I finally had the opportunity to hike to Rattlesnake Ledge!

It’s a 4 mile RT hike with a pretty steady elevation climb of 1150ft. We had a good view of the mountain we were about to climb from the trailhead at Rattlesnake Lake. Signs of Spring were everywhere.

The trail is beautifully maintained with lots of flowers along the trail and the view from the top was better than I had anticipated!

This is a very popular trail so we chose to hike it mid week thinking we would avoid the crowds. Nope, it was busy the whole time!

I can’t imagine how busy it can get on the weekends!

For information about the trail, check out the Washington Trails Association page about Rattlesnake Ledge Trail.

All photos in this article are by Renae James

Renae James

Renae James is a photographer, business owner, and active participant in her community. She loves sharing her hiking adventures with her community.