Go behind the scenes with the renowned henna artist, Sarah Walters, and learn why she chose henna as her artistic medium and find out about her upcoming event, the Pacific Northwest Henna Adventure.

Sarah’s company SARAHENNA is based in Kirkland, WA and she also has a studio in Sankara Imports in downtown Bothell, WA where she offers henna appointments and drop-in days.

In addition to creating henna designs for individuals, corporate groups, wedding parties, and festivals, SARAHENNA produces fresh handmade henna paste for clients around the globe. Sarah also teaches henna artists and has spoken at major henna conferences and events.

Sarah has been featured on BBC, CNN, People magazine, Buzzfeed and Evening Magazine.

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Gayle Picken

Gayle Picken is a writer and video creator who loves yoga, hiking, kayaking, connecting with people and exploring the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. She founded Day Trips in Washington to inspire you to get out and go on adventures in all of the towns and cities across Washington state.